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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Leaning Toward Light

When trolling the net today (not for inspiration or information or anything in particular), I came across a blog with a name kind of similar to ours . . . Our Prairie Home. I often hem and haw about whether or not to click through when I see such names. We’re a dodgy lot, us prairie people.

Our Prairie Home blog homepage
Sometimes, those blogs can be fan sites of Laura Ingalls Wilder or the Little House on the Prairie series, both of which I love to my tippy toes.  Sometimes, they are wonderful homesteading sites with how-to’s on canning and making fab stuff from scratch.  And, sometimes, they are cute names for serious doomsday preppers, complete with tutorials on how to skin squirrels and build sustainable micro-systems out of plastic bottles and peat moss.  Nothin’ wrong with any of those options, but I didn’t know what I would find.  Whatever I expected, it sure wasn’t what I found!

I want to sing it from the mountaintops!  I LOVE this site. . .written by a lovely mother of six, Laura, who lives in Iowa and creates the most beautiful pieces of furniture. . .well, refurbishes them, really.  Her stuff is gorgeous, but what I love even more is the way she writes her blog. . .the layout is so artistic and engaging and the content is beautifully written.  Honest and encouraging and often a hoot.

I am attracted to all things simple and lovely and leaning toward light.  Ms. Laura. . .you are all that, and more!  What a breezy, uplifting journey your site took me on. . .can’t wait to visit again!

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