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Monday, November 04, 2013

A Legion of Fans. . .

We’ve only just launched this website and blog. Very early days yet. So, really, I should be focused on doing all the things I let slide while preparing for the launch. But, less than a month in, I am already glued to the plethora of stats we glean from various sources. I am not really sure what fuels such curiosity, but I am absolutely fascinated by what keeps rolling in.

I love seeing the referring websites and how people find us, especially after a Google or Yahoo search that seems totally unrelated to the content of our site. I love seeing what pages or blogs are most read or pinned or shared. I love wondering about the people who come and whether they share my particular passion for all things pioneer, homesteading and, yes, even Laura Ingalls Wilder. It all makes me marvel and think and dream.

But one stat amongst them all holds a particular interest for me:  I LOVE to see the various countries our visitors hail from! At last count, TEN countries have found their way to our little site!! (Okay, three of them are probably merely search engines, but it makes me happy to include them!) But aside from the India, Germany, and South Korea ‘spider’ entries, the others have enough visits to reasonably surmise that we have a small but growing international following! That just boggles me!

The USA is the overwhelming producer of raving fans, followed by the UK, which is understandable given the common(ish) language and our family and friends who live there. But the next four entries are just so fascinating. . .Israel, Indonesia, China and Thailand. In that order. Seriously, people! Fascinating!

The number of visitors is far past that of a mere search engine crawler. It’s not a fluke.  Or a mistake.  And the numbers keep coming in from those countries.  Not huge swarms of visitors, but enough to make me so very curious.  How do they get to us?  Why do they stay?  Are the visitors from America, but living abroad?

I feel like a hostess with a slew of surprise international guests. . .I want to show them hospitality, warmth, and a rousing good time. We’ve done our best with our little site. I hope it is enough to entertain and please!

Welcome, visitors!  We’re glad you’re here!

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