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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Choosing the Perfect Gift--Secrets to a Mother's Heart

Feeling SO blessed!
As usual for this mother-of-four, with visiting relatives galore, Christmas was a LOT of practical work.  It was wonderful, but it also meant a ton of effort and logistics and forethought and elbow grease on my part.  I don't mind, though. . .it's part of the gift I treasure giving my family each year.

But it does mean that whatever gifts I receive don't really get more than a passing glance until the big day is over.  And it is now. . .company has scooted home, leftovers are on the menu (for a day or two!!) and the kids are all exhausted and quiet and enjoying their own gifts.

So I'm avoiding major clean-up tasks, snuggling on the couch next to my youngest, who is watching a new Veggie Tale and looking through my little haul.  I am feeling so, so blessed!

Though there are some very generous gifts amongst the pile, that isn't really what makes this collection particularly wonderful.  The truth is, this year I have received some of the best gifts I have ever have, both costly and not.  Why?  Here is a run down of what melted this mama's heart:

Runner Beans!!
  • Each gift made me feel 'known.'  Whether it was bought at the Dollar Store or somewhere a little more upscale, they all demonstrated a clear picture of who I am, how I live and what would interest, entertain, help or bless me. 

  • Many gifts were made by hand.  This showed that I was worth effort as well as money, and everything from the beautiful hand made soap my precious new sister-in-law made me to the luxurious and stunning infinity scarf my husband knitted for me to the gorgeous new pen and pencil holder my youngest crafted was intensely special.  Each and every gift was an offering of time, effort and love.  

  • They were given with joy.  I took more pleasure in the expectant glow on the faces of my precious family members as they watched me open their gifts to me than the actual gifts themselves.  I was overwhelmed by this. . .it means that my kids, especially, 'get it.'  Christmas is not about receiving.  It's about replicating the precious gift God gave US in our own giving of gifts and sacrifice and love.  That this year showed each of my kids, as well as my husband and other family members, taking more pleasure in the GIVING than the RECEIVING, which drenched each gift in priceless sacrificial love.

A six year old's work of art-and love!
So, if you are in the market for the perfect gift to give another, follow these simple guidelines:  Consider the heart, interests and preferences of the intended receiver.  Incorporate an element of your own effort and time into the gift. . .don't merely look in shop windows.  And give your gift with joy and love.  No matter how much it 'costs' or what it is, it is SURE to bless the recipient's heart!


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas, Robynne! I wholeheartedly agree with your gift-giving suggestions. I had so much fun watching my nephews open the gifts I made them since they matched their personalities and definitely made with joy and love.

  2. Thank you, Jonna! It was pretty special. And I LOVE how considerate you are with things like this. . .I bet your nephews were overjoyed. They are lucky to have an aunt who not only is so thoughtful, but also models such awesomeness!


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