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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Musings on the First Big Storm of Winter

 I should be in bed.  It's well past midnight, but I can't make myself go.  I am pretty much glued to the window that looks out toward the front of our property.  It's just lovely.

All the lights are out inside, except for the glow from the woodstove, and the outside lights are on. The soft purr of the fire and the thickly falling snow are, frankly, mesmerizing.  I love the first big storm of the year.

It was supposed to come in at 8:00 pm, but the first snowflakes fell at 4:00.  It hasn't stopped since.

The ground was already frozen, so every single flake stuck, and the ground was soon covered with a thin, sparkly layer.  By the time I made dinner, a couple of inches had fallen.  By 10:00, six pristine inches had blanketed everything in sight.

More is supposed to fall throughout the night, so I anticipate waking to splendor.  I think the sled run we have been working on is going to get well and truly broken in!  Can. Not. Wait.

We will also make snow ice cream tomorrow. . .it's a family tradition to make it after the first big snowfall of the season (well, and several more times after that, too!). I think hot cocoa and home made soup might be in order too. . .

Welcome, Winter.  We have missed you, so!

UPDATE: Still snowing this morning, but Oh! how lovely it was to wake up to 9-10 inches on the ground and floaty flakes coming down!  Don't know what we will end up with, but I do believe we have more than enough to open the Family Snow Park!

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