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Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Duck Dynasty Two Cents. . .Let Phil Robertson Have His Own Opinions

All right. I normally wouldn't weigh in on this sort of thing, but I can't believe how nonsensical this has become.   Phil Robertson has a right to his beliefs and, if directly asked about them, he has a right to answer honestly.   There, I said it.

Likewise, Miley Cyrus has a right to twerk and simulate intimate, private relationships, and Sister Wives has a right to espouse polygamy.  I don't mind if illegal moonshiners try to verbally argue the validity of their practices or if someone tries to defend their right to marry a lamp post.  So long as laws are not broken, and we are only talking about views or opinions, we should have the right to our own opinions.

The truth is, modern media flies in the face of my personal belief system about 95% of the time.  But I don't have to watch the VMAs, Sister Wives, or any of the other shows that I don't agree with.  I don't whine about it, I just turn the TV to another channel or off altogether. 

And the truth is, TV is sort of self balancing.  If someone doesn't agree with Phil's comments, they won't watch the show, which will lose advertisers, which will end the show.  Or, people will agree and continue watching. It's pretty simple.

At the core, I defend a person's right to have their own opinions.  It doesn't matter what they are.  Even if I find them abhorrent, disgusting, cruel, illogical, or just plain icky.  If we start drawing lines over what 'kind' of free speech is acceptable, we are on dangerous ground indeed.

Clearly, the fans of Duck Dynasty, which appear to be many, either understand and don't care about Phil Robertson's views, or they know them and AGREE.  Their fans know the family are Christians.  This isn't a shock. 

So let Phil speak.  Especially when he is asked a direct question. Agree or disagree, but, for goodness sake, be careful of telling him he can't feel the way he does.

Or your right to your own opinions could be next.

That is all.  :)

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