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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Glory of a Gotcha Day

The whole family is tucked up in bed, my husband having gone a few minutes ago.  It's been a lovely day and I have a few things to do before I follow them to dreamland, but I am taking a moment to pause in the deep silence of the midnight hour and reflect on what made the day so special.

Today was the anniversary of my daughter's 'Gotcha Day.'
What's a 'Gotcha Day' you may ask?  It's the day an adoption is finalized and a forever family is born.  Our first such day was one of the greatest of my life.

We were licensed as foster parents first, but also wanted to adopt at some point.  Our overall plan was to build a large family via adoption and biology.  And we wanted to continuing fostering, too. 

We were asked to consider becoming a 'Flexible Family,' which are foster parent who support any reunification services between a foster child and their biological family while also committing to adopt the child should reunification fail.  That was a tough call.

On the one hand, getting any child into their permanent family as soon as possible is certainly what's best for them.  On the other hand, it's an emotional minefield for parents to commit to loving a child forever, not knowing if, or when, they will ever be legally theirs.

After much prayer, we took the leap and agreed.

Almost immediately, we received a call about a dimpled two year old with hazel eyes, long eyelashes, and a need for a family who would care for her.  We were thrilled.  For over a year, she remained a foster child, and we did not know what the future held.  But then we got the news and then a court date.  A year and a half after welcoming her into our home, we got to welcome her into our permanent family.  And it's that moment we celebrated again today.

It's been 14 years since that day and I can't believe how fast the time has flown.  We've had more adoption celebrations and biological births since then as our family has expanded and we are contemplating expanding even more.  But nothing will ever top the thrill we felt as we signed our names and gave our hearts to one perfect, precious little girl.

Happy Gotcha Day, precious daughter.  Oh how we love you!


  1. Gotcha' Day is a precious day, indeed. Glad you had a wonderful day of celebration. Blessings to you!!

  2. Thank you very much! It was a wonderful day. . .and a great reminder of how blessed we are!


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