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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Budweiser, Puppies and the Superbowl

I don't usually pay too much to commercials if I can help it. Most of what little TV we watch is recorded, any way. . .so we zip through the ads in order to condense the 'good stuff' into as short a timeframe as possible.

Further, I don't drink. I don't mind if other people do. . .I just don't choose it for me.

So for me to even watch a commercial, let alone actually enjoy it. . .especially one for beer. . .well that is just a rare and unusual happenstance.

But I confess to having watched Budweiser's Superbowl commercial about ten times now.

And I will probably watch it ten time more.  It's just that sweet.

(photo courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here)

1 comment:

  1. The Budweiser Super Bowl commercials, like Hallmark commercials, always make me cry. While I'm smiling, of course.


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