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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

De-Cluttering is, Apparently, a Process

'Before.'  Not too bad.
Well, I think I was a little optimistic.  I thought that we would just whip through the kitchen today in our mad purge-o-rama.  After all, as cluttered as other rooms have felt, the kitchen didn't feel particularly bad.

I use it constantly (obviously!), keep it clean and it has been mostly adequate.  Of course, when we first moved in to the house two years ago, we made decisions about where to put things and found out that, as we used and expanded into the space, tweaks to make it more functional were necessary.

So that, really, was the point (I thought!) of the 'purge:' re-arranging the kitchen into the optimal configuration while perhaps tossing or donating a few items along the way.  Should only take an hour or two, right?

Yeah, um, notsomuch.

Worse before better.
In our defense, we were one man down at our oldest wasn't feeling well.  Plus, there are a LOT more cupboards than I realized and they are big and deep.  Plus, we were working on both the dining room AND the kitchen.  So, really, it was two rooms. . .which justifies the fact that this has turned into an epic Two. Day. Project!

But even though we didn't get the entire way through the whole project, the pleasure of completing what we have is immense.  Only a few more cupboards, including the installation of a new shelf in one, and then a final polish.

I can hardly wait for the morning.

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