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Friday, January 03, 2014

Finished, But Not Without a Nasty Surprise!

The 'After' Shot!
Triumph!!!  It was quite a bit more involved than we thought and there was an unexpected trip to the local DIY store for some shelves there in the middle, but we are finally finished!  The kitchen and dining room are officially purged and deep cleaned.  It feels A-MA-ZING!

I was almost giddy as I took (another huge!) load to Goodwill today. . .our Suburban was stuffed to the gills in every available space with toys, clothes and boxes upon boxes of kitchen items.  I think I even shocked the poor guy at the receiving center.  This wasn't my first load.  I looked him straight in his startled eyes and said, emphatically, 'And this isn't my last, either!'  I'm not sure he knew what to make of me as I floated back to the car and headed back up the hill.

The Dining Room
It's funny how the mind works. . .well, mine at least.  I prepared dinner tonight in our newly reconfigured kitchen for the first time (last night was more of an 'assembled' dinner in the midst of the mid-purge activities and chaos).  Though it was not a complex meal, there was such joy every step of the way knowing I knew where all the tools I needed were, and that I had plenty of room to work.

We also made a surprising, and slightly gross, discovery.  I have mopped my tiled kitchen floor a million times since we moved in two years ago.  It's a textured tile, with a cream background with mottled soft lines and wisps of darker cream and speckly spots of light brown throughout.

Only, it isn't.

It's supposed to be mostly cream.  The texture of the tile, which has some lines and creases, has small brown speckly pits that shouldn't be there. . .they were simply filled with dirt.  YUCK!!!

In my defense, I didn't ever have any reason to believe it was otherwise. . .the color looked totally normal for the rest of the tile and I have seen similar ones in the store. . .kind of rustic and 'stone-y' looking.  And it wasn't just some of the tiles. . .they were ALL that way. . .in both high and low traffic areas.  So, since it looked that way when we moved in, we just never gave it a second thought.

Now we realize that when we had previously cleaned the floor, the mop just didn't get into all the little indentations to dig out the pockets of dirt.  We were only cleaning the flatter, smoother bits! 

E. Gads.

That was the beginning of a small, um, 'project' we hadn't exactly anticipated.  It involved four people on their knees with various stiff brushes and a LOT of elbow grease.  A few hours later, we had uncovered a lovely, beautifully creamy floor.

I won't forget that's the color they're supposed to be any time soon.

Before: little brown speckles

Brown bits gone!

But despite the slight horror of that little discovery, and the hard work it took to fix it, it was a wonderful feeling when it was done.  Not only did we get things beautifully streamlined and organized, and donate almost an entire kitchen's worth of  stuff, we also found a level of cleanliness that is just glorious.

We've managed to de-clutter almost half the house now. . .the boys' and girls' rooms are done, as is the family room.  Now with the kitchen and dining room completed, we are on the downhill stretch!

And though these last two days were certainly more time and energy intensive than I expected, I am feeling just as determined and buoyant about this process.

Roll on Living Room!

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