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Thursday, January 09, 2014

On Saving Mr. Banks

I almost never get to see a movie in a movie theater.

Today, however, my wonderful husband and I had a chance to slip out and take advantage of some free movie tickets his former boss gave us.

It's been awhile since we had a proper date, so I was a bit giddy.  And it felt kind of cheeky to sidle into a movie theater mid-day. . .almost like we were skipping school.  There were more people there than I expected, but we certainly weren't pushing through a crowd.

I've been wanting to see Saving Mr. Banks since I first saw its trailers, but, truthfully, for a chance to quietly sit all snuggled up with my husband in the dark, sans kiddos, I would have sat through just about anything.  I was that ready for a little honey-n-me time!

But I didn't have to settle for just any old show. . .Saving Mr. Banks was a really good film.  I enjoyed the storyline, the acting was excellent, and it was an interesting look (though clearly a liberal interpretation of the facts) into the general story behind the beloved musical.

And it did something that I certainly did not expect. . .it made me think deeply about my own writing.

I've always dabbled around the edges of writing:  as a free-lance editor, in the writing and publishing of business newsletters and corporate collateral, as the writer of several professional articles, etc.  But never as a full time, all in, heart on sleeve writer.  

Amongst raising four children, homeschooling and running a few companies (at different times, of course!), as well as 10 years in music ministry, THAT particular dream got pushed to the back of the line.

But I have long desired to bring writing center stage. . .to let loose all of the stories and articles and phrases and ideas I've secreted away for decades.  And now I know why.

They are like family.  

Each character, story and word is so very important to me.  Some have journeyed with me since I was a child, and some are decidedly newer, but all reflect a crucial person, idea, event. . .or even hope. . .that make up the core of me.

I don't know that I would be as protective of my words or characters or stories as Mrs. Travers was, but I might.  I really don't know.  They are like family to me, after all.  But I have yet to have an editor or producer try to change, 'improve' or distort a character so intimately important to me.  The thought is intriguing.  I wonder how I would cope with that.

I hope some day to find out.

Mary Poppins images courtesy of: http://www.wondersofdisney.disneyfansites.com

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