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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Poopin' on the Prairie

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bit of an 'odd duck' in some ways.  If my blessed husband ever came to his senses and high tailed it out of here, it would be a nightmare filling out a form for one of those dating sites.  I'm sort of a, well, complicated blend of personality traits.

For example, I played competitive soccer for a gazillion seasons and am a consummate tomboy.  But I also like the color 'dusty rose,' did ballet for years, and sob over Hallmark commercials.  I love a good dress up and night out at the theatre, though I love to hike and camp in the woods even more.

I'm very frugal about most things (I make most of my household products from scratch, am an extreme couponer, can everything in sight, and hate to see an unneeded lamp left on), but I also don't mind the first class treatment from time to time.
A demolition derby in the morning and an evening at the opera doesn't seem too weird to me.  Nor does pulled pork on a bun with a crab bisque starter.  That's just the way I roll.

So it shouldn't be too much of a shock that my next book project isn't exactly on a main stream subject.  My mind just works in a slightly different way than most people.  I'm comfortable with that.

It's no secret that I am in LOVE with pioneer history, literature, skills, and general values.  There really isn't an aspect of homesteading or the Great Westward Movement that doesn't interest me in some way.  It's all riveting in its own way.

But most people stop at the history and characters and recipes. . .or perhaps the methods and tools and stories.   That's enough to satisfy the normal person's curiosity about the time period.

Trouble is, I'm not a normal person.

And I want to know stuff other people don't.

Like how did bathroom, um, activities happen in one room cabins occupied by multiple people in the dead of winter when snow was high and running to the convenience wasn't an option?

Or what about a 'four holer' outhouse?  What the heck was the need for FOUR holes in one outhouse?  Did the pioneers see going to the loo as a family outing of sorts?

Or what about hair washing?  You hear about the 'Saturday bath' in just about every period reference, but no one mentions hair washing.  Men probably just used the same soap they had for their bodies, but what's the deal with the women. . .especially with their thick, long hair?

These are among the many things I want to know.

And that is how my next book idea was born.  So far, I have about twenty delicate topics I am VERY curious about but have never seen referenced.  I think it will make an awesome little book when finished.  Don't you?

I don't want to miss anything, though. . .so I am calling on you all for help.

Is there anything you've been hankering to know, but never thought you could ask?  Tell me!  Either in the comments below or directly at robynne@mylittleprairiehome.com

I promise I won't let on it was you who asked!

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