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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Removing Gluten, Renewing Hope

After weeks of inquiries and research and reading, we've finally gathered enough evidence to come to an important conclusion:  There's a strong connection between gluten sensitivity and some behavioral challenges.  So, we're going to put one of our children on a 'drastically reduced amount of gluten' diet to see if it will help him with some challenging issues.

Because of his age, maturity, and circumstances, though, we realize that removing all gluten is probably not a realistic possibility.  It seems like gluten is hiding in EVERYTHING. . .foods, shampoo, even medicine.  So getting every last smidge out is not very likely in our case.

But getting most out is.  And that is our new goal.

I'm a little intimidated.

Our son is at the age where he feels both immortal and faaaaaarrrrrrrr smarter than mere adults.  He seems to have no concept of the future or potential consequences there for actions now, but he's sure he'll be fine, no matter what risk he takes or food he eats.

Ah, to be 12 again!

So getting him on board about going as completely gluten free as possible is going to be quite a challenge.  Especially when he is away from us.  He will simply not think past the growling of the bottomless pit he calls a stomach to consider whether something is healthy or not.  He just doesn't work that way.

Studies seem to show, however, that any reduction of gluten rich foods may reap benefits, though the more you can cut out, the better, of course.  Which means that if I can at least manage to remove a significant portion of the gluten he eats, we should see some significant benefits.

Studies warn, though, that though some people see improvement quickly, for many, it can take up to 9-12 months before benefits are apparent.  That's a long time to try something without knowing that it's helping.

But then again, doing nothing is not an option, either.

So, world of non-gluten, here we come!

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