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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sweet Sixteen: A Letter To Hannah

My beautiful, intelligent, talent, AMAZING sweet Hannah is 16 today.  I am struggling to grasp how time could possibly have flown by so fast.

Indulge me. . .

My Precious Daughter,

I always thought that a mother's role was to teach, care for, comfort, and guide her babies.  What I didn't realize is how very much I would be taught, cared for, comforted and guided by my children, instead.  You, sweet Hannah, possibly most of all.

Your beginnings weren't ideal.  Your journey a little rough.  Your prospects a little bleak.

But, oh, how you have grown, with such tenacity, intelligence and humor, into a young woman full of overwhelming compassion, unending generosity, and abounding grace.

I am so proud of you.  I am so grateful for the privilege of being your mother.

And though you sometimes struggle to see yourself the way the world, your family, your friends and Jesus sees you, the truth is, in the words of Christopher Robin. . .

           You are braver than you believe,
                                                      Stronger than you seem,
                                                                                        and smarter than you think.

And more than that, treasured girl. . .you are more loved than you can imagine.

Happy Birthday, Hannah.  May your 16th year be the best, most blessed, year yet!

I love you immeasurably!


P.S. and I didn't even call you 'Squdgy' ONCE!  :)

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