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Friday, January 17, 2014

Switchel, Sack Posset and Scrub

Mmmmmm chocolate!
Sometimes, when I'm writing, I feel like one of the cast members of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.  You know the scene. . .the one where the door opens to the big old room of magical sugary happiness. . .where everything you can see and touch is edible.

Do you remember how everyone flung themselves into the room and could hardly contain themselves as they ran from one treat to another, shoving their faces full of candy, drinking from daffodils and sucking chocolate from the river?  They were literally like kids (and adults!) in a candy store. . .and could hardly get from one treat to another fast enough.

Writing is like that for me. I have so many ideas and projects and thoughts floating around in my little brain, it's hard to focus on one thing before leaping into another.  Each has such a strong pull that I find myself  shifting from one project to another in a frenzied hurry to get it all down on paper.

And I am in that place now. . .but I MUST.  STAY.  FOCUSED.

I am in the final throes of editing a book. . .it's a small, niche piece began as a pile of research notes for a larger project, but the pile kept growing.  And so did my curiosity.

I'm not the kind of person who stops at the 'wow, that was really interesting' moment when learning a new fact of some sort. . .I want to know more. . .the how and why and when of it all.  My book, Switchel, Sack Posset and Scrub, is the result of that fervent curiosity.  And it's almost done.

But I made the mistake of blocking out my NEXT book (and, to be perfectly honest, the next one after that!!), and it plagues me now.  Editing the current book isn't nearly as fun as developing the next one.

And yet, I'm not about to have spent so long building a gingerbread house and then stop before the roof is on.  Not on your Nelly.

So I'm slogging through this coming week.  I shan't look at any other projects until I can lay this one to bed.  I don't care how delicious they look.

After all, if the Candy Man can. . .

(Photos are courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here and here)


  1. I know what you mean about having so many ideas & thoughts swirling around in your head. But for me, it's for my blog. I keep a list of "to write" because some things take a while to get out. Others just flow. I'm enjoying your blog. Now I have a book to look forward to.

    1. Sometimes I think that if I just get the ideas on 'paper' they will cease swirling about my brain. . .but they don't! They stay in there, percolating and developing until I manage to get them fully written. It's getting quite crowded in there. :) My blog is kind of like an overflow valve. . .it let's just enough 'steam' out that I don't explode. :)

      p.s. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!


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