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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Best Kind of Evening

It's not often you get to host two lovely young international-ly people for dinner.  One was the son of precious friends from the UK.  I've known him since he was about 14 and it was such a joy to see him now, all grown up and introducing his beautiful new American wife to us.

Though he's British and she's Californian, they live in Thailand, where they work with Iris Global.  It's so encouraging to see such capable, intelligent, compassionate people so in love with each other and with a country they have chosen to make their home.

They're in California to meet her extended family and friends, take the second half of their honeymoon, and generally get ready to head back to Thailand where they will lead a team in the  northern part of the country.

And it was a joy to spend an evening with them

Life is hectic and seems to speed by so fast, so it's a rare treat when we get to pause and glimpse into the world outside our little corner.

Our guests did that for us tonight. . .through their eyes we saw Thailand grew in love for Thai people.  We were reminded that God uses us in great and powerful ways if we let Him.  We learned again that the gifts and talents we've been blessed with aren't merely meant for our pleasure or gain.  Sometimes they're meant to bless and encourage others, too.

Thank you, Bobby and Natasha. . .you certainly left us with full and challenged hearts!

(Picture courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here.)

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