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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Stuck Again!!

Today was definitely catch-up day for me after being gone for almost a week. . .two appointments, two school runs, a run to the nearest town for groceries, an epic battle with legions of ants, dealing with a propane leak and trying to figure out how to cook a side dish for a pot luck this evening with the propane not available and the wood stove not lit (unusually warm today!), and then a Bible study to prepare for.

You know, a usual Monday.

So I didn't really have a chance to breathe, let alone watch any Olympics today.  But I did hear a piece of news that amused me.

You know that bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, that I wrote about a few days ago?  The one who had to break through a door after getting stuck in his hotel room's loo?  Well, he got stuck again.

Not in a bathroom this time, though.  It was an elevator.  (See his Twitter pic about this second 'trapping' here.)

Coincidence?  Subversive Plot?  Plain bad luck?

You decide.  

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