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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shirley Temple Dies

My Mom, right, all 'Templified'
Most of my first outfits, and those of my mom, were hand made by my beloved grandma and modeled after those worn by child star Shirley Temple.  My gram was so enamored with the adorable little imp that I endured years of cork screw curls and adorable, chubby knee-showing dresses a la Ms. Temple, though it was more than 40 years after the actress made her Hollywood movie debut.  My grandma just thought she was the epitome of child cuteness.

Millions of people worldwide agreed.

So it was a very sad thing to wake this morning to the news that Ms. Temple-Black had died peacefully of natural causes at her home in Woodside, California last night.

Whether or not you were a fan of her prolific amounts of movies, short films, and tv appearances (some now over 80 years old!) or enjoyed her precocious and emphatic portrayals of everything from little princesses to waifs alike. . .or whether you even knew about her long and valued career as a foreign diplomat. . .there is something you have to appreciate about her:  She handled being arguably the first and biggest child star fairly well.

She was briefly married at 17, divorcing barely four years later, which is, by most accounts the 'blackest' mark on both her childhood and adulthood.  She married again at 22 and that marriage lasted for a beautiful 54 years, until her husband's death.

Given the downward spiral of many contemporary childhood actors via drugs, alcohol, legal troubles and broken relationships, that's not a bad record.  Not bad at all.

So thank you, Ms. Temple, for your talent, work ethic, service to our country and for showing us, after all, that you can be responsible AND famous.

You will be missed!

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