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Monday, March 31, 2014

All Pre-Ops Done!

Today marked the last of my son's pre-surgery tests and procedures.  No more x-rays, blood draws, fasts, ultrasounds, specimens, test regimens, and endless, endless appointments.  The very next thing that will happen will be us checking in to the hospital in a couple of weeks.

I am obviously slightly nervous about it all. . .he'll be put under two days in a row.  But it's not a particularly risky procedure, so there are no real concerns.  Except the irrational "Mama" ones, of course.

Snow Day!!

I so love surprises.  Well, good ones, anyway!

Today we had a surprise spring Snow Day!  Since we have had a pathetically low-snow winter, I'll take it. . .even if it's going to squish some beautiful spring flowers and damage some fruit trees.

Happy Spring everybody!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Impromptu Family Time!!

Don't think the buds are going to be happy!
Last day of March and we finally get some winter?  Seriously? The last real snow we had was WAY before Christmas and it's felt like spring for ages, so this little humdinger sure caught us by surprise.

We typically gather each Monday with friends down the hill.  We all bring parts of a meal to share, laugh together, and sometimes sing or play games.  We then spend some time in Bible study and usually wrap up with a little dessert before heading home.

Tonight, however, we had a bit of a surprise as we left for their house.  It was snowing at ours.  Pretty thickly.

As we descended down the mountain, dropping about 2500 feet in altitude, it was still snowing.  And getting heavier by the minute.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Growing Kid on a 1-day Fast. . .IMPOSSIBLE!!

Today has been NUTS!!!!
Tomorrow my newly-turned 13 year old son is due to have a test at a hospital.  The protocol for that particular test includes, among a hundred other things, no solid food for the entire day.

That's difficult for any of us. . .no matter what the age.  But for a RAPIDLY growing boy?  Yeah, um, not an easy task!

He typically gets home from school at about 3ish each day.  From that point to dinner time, which is usually around 6, this is his typical intake of afternoon food:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letting Go of the Reins

I had the MOST delightful time with a dear friend today.  We enjoyed a corner table and a cup of tea and it was glorious to catch up and process an event we both get to attend in a couple of weeks.  We are like two kids in a candy store as we marvel at and process what's coming up.

As we talked and planned and encouraged each other, we discovered that we share a fairly common little personality trait. . .sometimes God needs to put His desire for us in neon lights before we are actually realize He's speaking to us.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Choosing the Right Guy for You

I know what you're thinking. . ."the Modern Pioneer has turned Advice Columnist???" Shocking!!

Not really. 

Today is just a VERY special day to me. . .my beloved husband's birthday. . .and it's turned into a bit of an object lesson for my oldest two (young ladies who will, in the next few years or so, start thinking about the courting/dating process).

Choosing the 'Right Guy' is kind of important.  (Notice I didn't say the 'Perfect Guy.'  Contrary to Cosmo and Hollywood's insistence, he doesn't exist.  :)  )

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder -- Huh?

One of the diagnoses we recently received for our son was a bit of a puzzler.  We had to do a little googling on it, to be honest.  Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) is a somewhat newly named diagnosis, so I guess we can be forgiven for not having heard about it before.

DMDD is marked by frequent, intense temper tantrums that interfere with a child's ability to function at home, in school or with friends. Some of the kids now diagnosed with DMDD have previously been diagnosed as bipolar, even though they usually don't have all of the traditional signs and symptoms of that disorder.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What Does it Mean to be "Called?"

I'm about to attend my first writer's conference. And I won't lie to you, people. I'm freaking excited.

I love all things related to the glorious written word (writing, reading, editing, etc.) and it seems like it's always been that way with me. Though never completely entwined, most of my career has involved writing in some form or another, too. . .freelance editing, writing professional articles, preparing written collateral for companies, etc. It was enough to keep my insatiable literary appetite mildly appeased, but, honestly, I never felt fully satisfied.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When a Diagnosis isn't Good. . .Seven New Mountains to Climb

A friend of mine blogs exquisitely about her journey with two beautiful sons. . .one is on the Autistic Spectrum and the other has Downs Syndrome.  Her candor and honesty as she chronicles the joys and struggles of parenting two such precious, special boys is SUCH an encouragement to me, especially as she openly processes her sons' needs and prognoses. 

I'm drawing on that encouragement today, as I sift through the results of a recent comprehensive assessment of my son's issues.

It wasn't pretty.  And it broke my heart.

But I wasn't expecting pretty, so I am not sure why it hit me so hard.  Somehow, seeing it there in black and white, confirmed and cross referenced with tests and data and observations, put to rest any vague hope that my son has not been significantly impacted by a birth mom whose substance abuse issues were substantial.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Chopped!! (The Dessert Round Finale!!)

Noah James' Entry!
I recently had an email informing me that I had left some friends hanging over our Chopped: Feav Family Edition!  Apparently, I neglected to post details of the final round and announce the winner.  Shame on me. . .it was WAY too glorious to have overlooked!  Here's what happened:

Hot off the heels of the Appetizer and Entree rounds, my oldest (17) and youngest (7) were in a pretty heated neck-and-neck race.  Though this started out as a bit of fun, it quickly became serious and my two budding chefs were definitely bringing their 'A' game to the contest.

The 'mystery basket' ingredients this time around included cream, stale angel food cake, chocolate chips and two leftover Christmas decorations.  I could see their little minds working like anything as we readied to start the clock.  As soon as we said 'GO!' they were off!

Friday, March 14, 2014

An Open Letter to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Dear Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber,

I woke last night thinking of you.  (Not in that way, sir, though I am sure you are very nice.)

No, I woke up a little, well, cheesed off at you, if you'll pardon my language.

Why?  Well, that's a bit of a mystery to me, too, though I know it has to do with your sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies.  Quite frankly sir, it was rubbish.

I have no idea why, years after my beloved husband took me to see it in the West End in London, it would suddenly pop back into my head. . .let alone at night. . .and make me feel the very self-same way I did when I walked out of that theatre. . .delicious expectation ruined and slightly violated.

Clearly, I haven't quite forgiven you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Academic Benefits of Gluten Free

Today we received elementary school report cards for our two youngest children.  One is always awesome.  One is usually, well, not.

Typically, the first is awash with lashings of "excellent attitude and commendable effort" right next to perfect marks.  This report, though, had a bonus of test results assessing his reading level.  It's rated in the middle to end of sixth grade.  He's seven. (And we're pretty proud of him!)

The other report is typically tossed on our kitchen island in one fluid motion as the son connected to said report rounds the corner, heading for the front door and relative protection of the wild woods outside.  Past comments have included "Charming child; appalling effort," "Too intelligent to receive such marks," and "If he put the effort into class that he puts into sports, he'd have graduated college by now."  Sigh.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bio on Me :)

When I was younger, someone asked me what I wanted to do with my life. At the time, my immediate goals were mostly related to education, professional achievement, marriage, and raising a family.

As I began to achieve those goals, however, I realized that what I actually wanted was more than those simple objectives. What I really wanted was far more. . .and far more difficult to define.

Don’t get me wrong. . .I'm blessed. I have an amazing British husband and four gorgeous, cheeky kids. My friends are precious to me and I currently live in my ideal cozy mountain home in Northern California.   I’ve been fortunate to have traveled extensively and to have lived in the UK for nearly nine years. Even my jobs bless and fulfill me. . .mother, wife, Worship Director, Writer, Speaker, Educator.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Atomic Buffalo Turds

At a recent potluck with my home group, I discovered one of those rare portals between earth and Heaven in the form of a ridiculously delicious appetizer. To be honest, I didn't even ask what the dang thing was called for quite some time. . .speaking would have meant ceasing to eat for a moment.  And that, frankly, was just not going to happen.

It didn't take long for two huge trays of the little nuggets of amazingness to by depleted by our normally self controlled group.  I managed not to lick those trays by forcing myself to turn toward the man who brought such culinary joy that night and inquiring about the recipe.

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