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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Impromptu Family Time!!

Don't think the buds are going to be happy!
Last day of March and we finally get some winter?  Seriously? The last real snow we had was WAY before Christmas and it's felt like spring for ages, so this little humdinger sure caught us by surprise.

We typically gather each Monday with friends down the hill.  We all bring parts of a meal to share, laugh together, and sometimes sing or play games.  We then spend some time in Bible study and usually wrap up with a little dessert before heading home.

Tonight, however, we had a bit of a surprise as we left for their house.  It was snowing at ours.  Pretty thickly.

As we descended down the mountain, dropping about 2500 feet in altitude, it was still snowing.  And getting heavier by the minute.

By the time we arrived at our friends' house, we had decided that we'd better just eat and then head straight back up the mountain.  We wanted to be sure to make it back home.

Within moments of getting onto the freeway heading homeward, we were at a crawl. The roads were already covered and the snow was heavy, so we were a little worried that we might not make it.  Thanks to four wheel drive and new snow tires, though, as well as some big rigs with chains on ahead of us (which make good tracks to follow) we made slow, but steady, progress up the grade.

By the time it was getting a little bit dodgy, we could see our exit and were relieved.  But then we saw that the exit was blocked by several large trucks that had tried, and failed, to make it up the steepish exit ramp.  They all sprawled in such a way that we couldn't get around them.

Snowy, but the house was warm and cozy!
Back on the freeway we went.  The next exit was less than two miles, so we pressed on.  Just shy of THAT exit, however, traffic was stopped completely. . .heavy snow and an accident meant we could not proceed.

So, for almost two hours, we sat there. . .thankful for a full tank of gas, a warm car, some pretty good attitudes and the fact that we had a portable dvd player.

It was beautiful outside, as the thick, huge flakes descended.  And we were cozy and safe and warm in our Suburban oasis.  Not what we had planned, but some special time any way.

We had to park up by the road as our driveway was heavily blanketed in snow, and tramp down to the house.  Not all of us were in our 'snow shoes' so the trek wasn't entirely comfortable for everybody, but it was a hoot. . .not exactly how we planned to spend the evening, but not a bad way, either.  

Lots more snow forecast by morning, too.  We may just have a bonus snow day on our hands!!!

♥ my family!

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