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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letting Go of the Reins

I had the MOST delightful time with a dear friend today.  We enjoyed a corner table and a cup of tea and it was glorious to catch up and process an event we both get to attend in a couple of weeks.  We are like two kids in a candy store as we marvel at and process what's coming up.

As we talked and planned and encouraged each other, we discovered that we share a fairly common little personality trait. . .sometimes God needs to put His desire for us in neon lights before we are actually realize He's speaking to us.

In this case, neither of us could deny God's intent.  He wanted us both to go to a particular conference. . .a conference that we had both held close to our hearts as we secretly hoped it would happen.  And it has.  But now we have to guard against another similar personality trait: control.

My friend and I both have four kids.  Hers are grown, and mine are not, but we both have  'managerial mother' syndrome. . .we plan and organize and sort and fix.  It's our role.  Our skillset.  Our desire as we provide for our family and make our house a home.

But in this, we both have to lay down our 'caretaker' hats and just enjoy the ride.  It's hard when we're used to being the director of our broods.  To not feel responsible for any aspect of this event, and to just sit back and let whatever is coming happen, is kind of hard.

But it's kind of exciting, too.

I have no idea where this current path is going. . .nor what I will learn along the way.  But BOY do I know Who has the itinerary in His hand.

And for me, that's more than enough.  

(photo courtesy of www.publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here)

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