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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Belated Easter

7 baskets of happiness!
This was a strange year.  Typically we go all out. . .decorations and traditions, magnificent spreads and endless ways to learn about and honor the Easter story.  Our day of celebration is always filled with food and hunts and friendly competitions and, most importantly, a sober rejoicing over the meaning of the Cross.

But this year was different.  This year we had surgeries and hospital stays to occupy us while the world around was remembering a risen King.  We weren't going to be all together and well enough to participate, nor were we prepared in the way we usually are.

So we postponed the whole thing until today.

Even the big kids enjoyed the hunt!
It was slightly smaller affair than usual, but sweeter, somehow, too.  Family gathered, and there was the required good food, though decorations and such were a little thin in all the recent chaos.  We did manage our traditional Easter cake and our requisite lovely big hunt through our woods, though, to the delight of our children.

So it was lovely.

Lovely to pause and remember and be grateful.  Lovely to be together and enjoy the fullness of relationships that are precious.  Lovely to be through a bit of a scary time with the health of our son and breathe again.

Six days later than the rest of the world, but no less sincere in our appreciation for what He did for us on the Cross and continues to do to this day for us.

He is risen, my friends.  He is risen, indeed.

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