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Friday, March 28, 2014

A Growing Kid on a 1-day Fast. . .IMPOSSIBLE!!

Today has been NUTS!!!!
Tomorrow my newly-turned 13 year old son is due to have a test at a hospital.  The protocol for that particular test includes, among a hundred other things, no solid food for the entire day.

That's difficult for any of us. . .no matter what the age.  But for a RAPIDLY growing boy?  Yeah, um, not an easy task!

He typically gets home from school at about 3ish each day.  From that point to dinner time, which is usually around 6, this is his typical intake of afternoon food:

  • Snack #1:  Piece of Fruit
  • Snack #2:  Two large slices of cheesy garlic polenta, pan fried
  • Snack #3:  Another piece of Fruit
  • Snack #4:  A cup of homemade Yogurt
  • Snack #5:  Two Eggs on two pieces of gluten free Toast
  • Snack #6:  Yet another piece of Fruit
  • Snack #7:  A big bowl of air popped Popcorn
  • Snack #8:  One more piece of Fruit and then a Mama telling him he can wait for dinner (which will probably be in 10 minutes by that time).  He replies that he might not survive that long.  Sigh.

So you see?  Food is kind of important to him at the moment.  Him having NOTHING but broth and some clear liquid for 24 hours isn't remotely a comfortable prospect.

But add to that his issues with impulsivity, and it's been a GREAT day of watching and monitoring and such.  He hasn't been TRYING to sneak anything. . .he just keeps forgetting that he's not supposed to be eating solids.  His tummy just screams "STARVING!!!" and he automatically reaches toward the fruit bowl.

So today has been So. Much. Fun.  :)  (I am exhausted!!)

But at least it's not time for that upcoming surgery. . .when he has his Cecostomy, he can't eat for TWO days!!!!!!!!


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