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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Little Bit of Drama, but Cecostomy is Done!

He ended the day ok!
Well!!  That was a little more exciting than this sleep deprived Mama really needed, but all is well now, thankfully.

In the run up to today's events, my son didn't sleep very well.  Despite his procedure yesterday going as it should have, his nerves took over in the night and he was VERY anxious by this morning and not feeling great.  Though everyone around him was lovely and did all they could to reassure and comfort him, it wasn't an ideal morning.

Add to that the nurse mistakenly gave him a cracker to eat with some meds this morning, which is a HUGE no-no before surgery as it significantly increases the risk of getting a chunk of stuff in the lungs. . .a very dangerous situation.

So we then had a decision. . .we could either press on and hope for the best or we could re-do BOTH procedures at a later date, which would not only be more uncomfortable for him, but also meant our son would have to go through the emotional anticipation and stress all over again.  After much discussion with the surgeons and then the anesthesiologist, we finally decided to go forward with the surgery today.  But of course, my 'Mama-worry-meter' was going through the roof.

Intubated and out!
A few worrisome hours later, he was out of surgery and I was called into the recovery room to be by his side when he woke up.  His surgeon had come out earlier to let me know that everything went well during the cecostomy, which, of course, I was relieved to hear.  So it was VERY nerve-wracking popping into recovery expecting to see a peacefully sleeping son and finding something quite different.  I entered as a team of people were in the process of intubating my precious boy to secure his airway.  Scary.

A couple of hours and a LOT of gray hairs later, he was stable again, though the medical team was having one heck of a time waking him up.  That was a little stressful too.

But FINALLY, almost eight hours after he went in to the operating room, his eyes fluttered open.  Breathing was fine, the cecostomy looked good, and he was hoping to see a movie (and wondered when he would be allowed to eat!  Ah!  Normalcy!!)

It was a wild, wild ride today.  A little scary at times, and a little sad at others (it was heartbreaking to see him so anxious and worried), but it ended just fine.

My boy is safe and on the mend.


  1. Thanks for posting Robynne. Continuing to pray

    1. Thanks, Susan. . .prayers are appreciated and soooooo felt!

  2. So good to hear that Robynne God bless you both, actually all the family.

  3. Thank you, Liz! We certainly have felt cloaked in prayer during this whole thing! Even the more worrisome bits! Now to get through recovery and then on with life! :)


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