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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Platform and a Plea. . .

Going to Mount Hermon for a fantastic writer's conference was incredible!  But my head is now entirely spinning with a bazillion action points.

One that was drilled into us at almost every single workshop and major session was the concept of "Platform."  I was well aware of what a platform is in regards to a writer before I went, but, boy!, was its importance brought home!  Simply put, a platform is all the ways that you connect to people in a public way who might, one day, be interested in a project you've worked on.

Platforms can be all the social media norms:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Google+, etc.  Or, they can be things like websites, events you speak at and groups you regularly interact with (adoptions groups, quilting clubs, sports teams).  Or they can even be organizations you belong to and may have some sort of audience with (homeschooling groups, trade societies, alumni groups).

Whatever gets you in front of an audience (either in person or in cyberspace), especially one that you have repeated access to (like people who follow your blog or groups you often speak in front of), are your 'platform.'

My 'Platform' is definitely in the forming stage. . .but I'm already noticing something that is slightly puzzling me.  But perhaps you could help me resolve the mystery!

I am getting thousands upon thousands of visitors to the website and blog each month (That's fantastic!  THANK YOU!!), but publishers don't look so much at those kind of stats. . .they're more interested in 'followers.'  So here's where you come in!

I don't have a newsletter and I can't think of why I would need to contact anyone at the moment, so 'following me' doesn't mean signing up for anything or getting any kind of spam.

But if you like the website and/or blog, I'd appreciate it if you would take a moment to 'like' and  'follow' us, I'd be VERY grateful.

It's easy, too. . .in the upper right corner of this page you'll see a  BLUE button that has "g+ following" on it.  All you need to do is click it and you're done!

Also, below that button, you'll see a "subscribe to this blog" area. . .if you just pop in your email, you're signed up for receiving future posts.

Plus, any individual posts you like also increase the visibility. . .there is a red 'google + 1' button at the top of the page or a white 'g+1' button at the bottom.

Thank you all for your help. . .soooo appreciated!

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