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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And. . .She's 18!!

The clock has just struck midnight, which means my beautiful firstborn daughter is officially 18!

She's sleeping at the moment, having informed us earlier that she would be pretty dang grumpy if we tried to sneak into her room for a little kiss and rousing midnight rendition of Happy Birthday. . .so I'll just sing to her quietly, up here in the living room all by myself.

And maybe I'll cry a little, too.  I do that at times like this.

Our daughter is beautiful.  And I don't just mean 'pretty,' though she is that, too, utterly.

I mean she's beautiful. . .kind and funny, warm and loving, hard-working and considerate.  She's talented, too. . .she sings beautifully and is incredibly artistic.  And, while very feminine, she's also a natural athlete with a serious competitive streak running through her veins.

I love this girl. . .to my very tippy toes.  It has been such a privilege to raise her from a dimpled imp into a gracious young woman.

But I can hardly believe that we're here. . .at 18, with all it's new rights and responsibilities and adventures waiting!

And yes, I know that she's not leaving us tomorrow. . .nor any time soon. . .but that she's ready, well, that's my saddest realization and my proudest moment all rolled into one!

Happy Birthday, my beloved daughter!  You are loved immeasurably!

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