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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disimpaction Complete and Ready for Phase II

Nath enjoying Ped Ward Fun!
It's been quite the day.

After coming home from Mount Hermon last night and quickly unpacking and packing and getting the lowdown on all the kid's news, my 13 year old and I left at the crack of dawn this morning to head down to Sacramento for the final stages of "Cecostomy-fest 2014!"

After a week of the most intense writer's conference EVER (but in the very best way possible!), I kind of feel like a truck has hit me. . .I am sooooooo tired and sooooooo overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas and action points, so I feel a bit dazed to have been sitting with Steve Laube, literary agent, at lunch yesterday while today, hundreds of miles away, I am amongst tubes and beeping machines at my oldest son's bedside.

Funny, this life.

But at least I can report that Phase 1 went well as far as the Disimpaction was concerned.  But, strangely, this time our precious boy did not rise gently out of the fog of his medically induced sleep.  This time he was a little hurricane, ripping tubes and iv's and electrodes off at will while four people tried to old him down.  It was a right little rodeo while it lasted!

After the hub-bub died down, I asked a nurse why he reacted so differently to anesthesia this time.  She didn't know for sure, but said it was likely that the nasal tube (which he didn't have last time) was the probably culprit. . .they can trigger some odd, self-protective reactions in some people.  I am not surprised. . .I don't think I'd like a tube running down the back of my throat, either.

They had to readjust the afternoon's protocol a little bit as a result, but no long term harm was done.  And now, despite being VERY hungry and feeling a little apprehensive about tomorrow's big op, he's actually pretty comfortable and enjoying the benefits of a modern children's ward!  (movies, tv, wii and very kind, attentive nurses!)

I am so thankful that this bit is done, though. . .just the big Cecostomy tomorrow and then we begin a whole new chapter.

And, tired as I am, I just can't wait to turn that page.

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