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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Noah (The Movie, Not My Son)

Last Friday, as a slightly early birthday treat for my husband, we snuck away for matinee showing of "Noah."  I hadn't, actually, read any reviews or synopses prior to going, so I really didn't have much in the way of expectations.  Good thing I didn't.  Because I SERIOUSLY did not see that coming.

Think:  Hunger Games meets Transformers, with a sprinkling of Bible.  A rather small sprinkling.

Now, I am not so naive that I expect Hollywood to fully understand the depth and power and import of the Bible.  I expect some creative license given that Scripture isn't a script, and understand that you have to fill in dialogue and motive and nuance of character where the Bible remains silent.

It is a movie, after all.

But sheesh.  And I mean SHEESH! What a complete load of hooey! 

Even if you can divorce yourself from the fact that this is supposed to depict one of the most powerful stories in the Bible (which I couldn't do, by the way), just as a film, it was weird.  Somehow, the gentle, noble Russel Crowe moves from an honorable guy (who doesn't even want his kids picking flowers) to this strange guy who feels comfortable offing people, including his own newborn grandchildren.

In between those points are all sorts of weird, low budget clips of film that just don't make sense.

The single good thing that I can really say about the film is that it might get some people to take a look at the Old Testament. . .if only to check if 'rock people' really did build the ark!


(Illustration courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here)

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