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Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh! The Questions He Asks!!

Had another one of those conversations with my youngest today. You know the ones. . .where you're asked an incredibly tough question that is inherently difficult to answer, but made even more impossible when you have to explain the complex concept in terms a 7 year old can understand.

He throws a lot of those at me.

This one had to do with a conversation he overheard me having with one of my daughters.  It had to do with how we use wisdom to discern who to let into our hearts, especially in terms of romantic love and choosing a spouse.

I mean, it's difficult for grown ups to grasp the fine line between choosing someone with whom we've fallen in love (ie: chemistry) and someone with whom we have "long term compatibility."

So explaining the whole thing (with nuances of emotions and circumstances he hasn't begun to experience yet) to a little guy is nigh on impossible.  Even for my smart little cookie.

He clearly didn't particularly value my explanation.  In his VERY black and why world, he can't conceive how ANYONE could fall in love with someone who wouldn't make a good long term life partner.  He doesn't even understand how a person without 'long term compatibility traits' could be attractive.  Even a little.

Ah, to be seven.

At least he listened patiently as I explained why we value the idea of courting first and then full blown dating. . .in our warped 'grown up' quest to make good choices.  He didn't see the need, frankly.

Instead, he told me that he wasn't going to marry anyone unless they were best friends for years and years.  By then, he said, he would know all he needed to know about the girl and THEN, if she turns out to be all he wants (funny, kind, loves Jesus, likes to sing, etc.), THEN he will 'fall in love with her.'

I hope so, precious boy.  I hope, hope so.

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