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Friday, April 11, 2014

Polenta and Eggs

I've spoken with his pediatrician.  I've done some Googling.  I've questioned friends in the medical field.  I even chatted online with a nutritionist.

And everyone is saying the same thing.  Apparently, it's totally fine for my 13 year old son to eat his body weight in polenta and eggs each week!

When we first started looking at alternative snacks and meals for our soon-to-be gluten-free son, I almost didn't attempt polenta.  He's not a particularly picky eater, but I just didn't think he would like it.  But as it's pretty cheap to make, it doesn't take much effort to prepare, it lasts a long time, and he can do the grilling himself after I have made it into a loaf, I gave it a shot.

A little chicken stock, some non-gmo polenta, garlic, onion, a knob of butter and a small handful of cheese, and you'd think I was a Michelin starred chef in his eyes!!  I then just pour it into a loaf shaped dish, lined with saran wrap and let it cool.  When it is, I slice it up for him, put it back in the loaf pan, cover with saran wrap and pop it the fridge.  Whenever he wants, he grills a couple of slices and finishes it with a couple of eggs on top,  For him, it's heaven!

I was surprised not only at how much he likes it, but that he isn't getting bored of eating it.  AT ALL.

He's allowed one 'cooked' snack after school, and this is virtually always his choice if we have polenta made and eggs in the fridge.  All his other snacks are fresh fruit or homemade yogurt (click here to learn how), etc. . .and as he eats about 6-8 snacks between school and dinner (can you say 'growing boy?!?!'), I guess I don't mind the amount of eggs and polenta he eats.

I keep thinking the obsession will end sometime, though. . .so if you have any gluten-free favs that can be made in batches and eaten over the week, I'm all ears!!

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