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Monday, March 31, 2014

Snow Day!!

I so love surprises.  Well, good ones, anyway!

Today we had a surprise spring Snow Day!  Since we have had a pathetically low-snow winter, I'll take it. . .even if it's going to squish some beautiful spring flowers and damage some fruit trees.

Happy Spring everybody!


  1. Hi Robynne, isn't it an amazing world we live in, here in Aylsham we had a glorious 20 degrees C yesterday. But your snow does look very pretty, as long as it doesn't last too long eh?

  2. Hi Liz! Ahhhh. . .Aylsham. . .I am suddenly craving a nice cup of tea and a bit of cake! :)

    But, yes, it is so crazy. . .you were hit with awful weather all winter it sounds like and we had a bit of snow before Christmas and then it has felt like Spring until now!! Our poor gorgeous wildflowers will NOT be amused! :)

    I usually love lots of snow in winter. . .and don't mind it staying for weeks, but now it's April, I hope we can get back to spring again. I want to plant my vegetable garden! :)

    Blessings, Robynne


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