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Friday, April 04, 2014

The Wind Beneath My Wings :)

My wonderful husbands and I had 'Part II' of his birthday celebration today. . .just the two of us having lunch together. With four kids at home, alone time is a rare and precious thing, so we enjoyed every second of catching up without interruption.  Bliss.

At some point, I began to tell him about a recent conversation with a dear friend, who is also a writer as well as an artist.  She was telling me that her husband didn't fully support her desire to write. . .he just didn't really see the point.

I was a little shocked as this lovely woman has more inherent talent for the written word than perhaps anyone I've ever known.  She's a wonderful painter, but she's an artist when writing, too.  It broke my heart to find out that she doesn't have the unconditional support she so richly deserves, especially with something she's so clearly gifted in and passionate about.

As I finished relaying that story and my mild distress, my husband reached across the table for my hand and held it for a moment before speaking.

"I hope you know that I support you in your writing.  I don't care whether it's for a specific purpose or for your own enjoyment. . .I just want you to be able to write and follow your dreams. . .whatever they are."

I couldn't respond for a moment. . .tears were brimming and I was afraid I would make a bit of a scene if I tried to speak.  But I already knew that he supports me.  I know with every fiber of my being that Ian wants my success, my joy, my fulfillment, and my happiness.

He doesn't care if writing earns or costs me money. . .he knows that I'm passionate about it and that it's an integral part of who I am.  That's all he needs to know. 

His support of me is a blessing and I'm acutely aware of it.  But I do often forget that not everyone has that kind of loving cheerleader in their corner.  I forget that it's not a 'given' that wives, husbands, family, or friends automatically want your dreams to come true.

And that makes me sad.

Everyone should have someone completely vested in their success and happiness.  Everyone should have someone cheering them on when they succeed and picking them up when they fall.  Everyone should have someone take delight in what they do, simply because it gives them joy.

I have that and I treasure it.  I'm so grateful for my precious husband that I can hardly speak sometimes.

Everyone should have someone like him rooting for them.

I truly hope you do.

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