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Monday, April 28, 2014

What is a Picture Prayer?

While at Mount Hermon earlier this month, our keynote speaker, Glenna Salsbury (who was AWESOME!!), mentioned something that she loves to do in one of our large nightly gatherings. I believe she called it making a "Picture Prayer."  The idea intrigued me greatly.

I love to pray.  And I do it constantly. . .in my head, out loud, when driving, through singing. . .All.  The.  Time.  So hearing about a new way to communicate with my awesome God?  Count me in!

Glenna explained that a 'picture prayer' is merely a small collection of images you're in prayer about.  They can include things you're concerned over as well as things that are the desires of your heart.  The idea is to keep the picture prayer somewhere visible and have it remind you to pray throughout your day. 

After polling my whole family about their prayer requests (which was an interesting exercise in itself!), and then combing the 'net for pictures that would sufficiently represent those things (which was a hoot and a half!), we compiled a two page spread of pictures that represented what's on our collective hearts at the moment.  Here's a small slice: