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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whew! Writers!!

I feel a bit like I'm on a ridiculously high level of Tetris:  blocks of information are coming at me fast and furious!  If I had just a moment to think, I could probably get them into the right place.  But I DON'T have time to breathe, let alone think, at this action-packed writer's conference, so I'm just taking notes as fast as I can and hoping I can make sense of them all later.

But one thing is really striking me. . .writers are every bit the stereotypical 'artist.'  I guess I knew that already, though I didn't really like to admit it.  But having so freaking many in one freaking place certainly amplifies the situation to epic proportions.  Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, most are so kind and helpful and down-to-earth.  But there are those who are SOOOOO not interested in anything but praise. . .nor are they expecting anything but immediate fame.  They're not here to learn (OH! What a wasted opportunity!!!).  They're here to be discovered.  Or rediscovered.  Or finally appreciated for the exercise in fabulousness that they are.

I don't get that.  Not even a little.

So I am getting a LOT of practice using my 'polite smile.'  And with making swift exits from conversations that are, um, questionable.

Even so, it's not enough to damage or rob my joy.

Being here is an absolute privilege.


  1. Why you gotta keep blogging about me? #waitingtobediscovered #myheadshotsareready


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