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Friday, May 02, 2014

A Fraction of an Inch

Swelling and pointing in the wrong direction!
I was soooo tired this morning.  After many nights of not-enough-sleep for multiple other reasons, I topped it all off with a night in the ER with my poor husband.

Just after all the kids were in bed, and we were getting ready for a little quiet adult time, my beloved walked into the kitchen and rounded a corner a little too tight, catching a toe. In exactly the worst possible way.

So, instead of a relaxing wind-down, we got to head 35 minutes down the mountain to the nearest ER.  Yay for us!  (Sigh!)

I'd like to report that our local hospital's Emergency Room has a miraculously quick intake and a particularly speedy process time.  But I can't.

Despite it seeming quite quiet, it took forever for us to be triaged, then almost two hours before we were led into a room, another hour in there before a nurse came and then another before a doctor appeared.  Keeping with the trend, it took another hour to get an in-room x-ray, one more for the doctor to come back and tell us that it was, indeed, a break.

This pattern went through the rest of the night. . .until the break was re-set and we were ready to head back up the hill just before dawn.

The events of the night before changed the whole direction and feel of today, which was a scramble to rearrange through a mist of exhaustion.  And it will change our weekend and several weeks into the future, at the least. Not life-altering changes, mind you, but a different trajectory all the same.

Life's funny, isn't it?

Just a fraction of an inch too far to the left.


Stylish, huh?

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