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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Adjustment Disorder and Waiting

Our son's diagnosis of Adjustment Disorder was a little scary.  We had never heard of it before, nor did we have much information at hand.  We know it's something that happens when some sort of major life event occurs (which can be traumatic or just a big change), and we know it can involve behavior changes, depression, anxiety, or mood changes, or a combination of them all.  We also know that it can be temporary or long term.

But we have yet to hear from anyone what one does about it.

We were advised to bring our son to the ER yesterday.  That, we were told, would start the ball rolling for a thorough medical and psychological examination so we can figure out whether there is something physically wrong, emotionally wrong, or even something as simple to fix as a medication issue.

However, we're still in the ER.  My husband brought our son while I stayed last night with our other three kids.  He then stayed by our son's side overnight and all through today.  30 hours.

But he needs to work, so I drove the other three the hour and a half down from our house to the hospital.  We ate a quick 'Mother's Day' meal in the hospital canteen together and then husband drove the other kids back home while I took up residence next to our son.  Still in the ER.

At any moment, we could hear of a bed opening up at a facility that can do the kind of assessments our son needs AND handle his medical issues.  (Apparently, those places are few and far between.)

Or, we could be here in the ER for a week.  A WEEK.  Not admitted to a proper room with a bathroom and a door that closes, mind you. . .but an ER room, with code reds and rushing staff and screaming patients.  All.  Night.  Long.

So, this is our new 'normal.'  Not what we expected for this week at all. 

Pray for us.

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