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Monday, May 12, 2014

And Then I Understand. . .

So much of life's journey is a mystery: why things happen. . .why things don't.  Sometimes we find out the reasons a little further down the road.  Sometimes we never do.

Tonight, however, I was graced with a bit of why we're in our current holding pattern.

Apparently, there was a nurse in the ER that I needed to speak with.

Without divulging her story, I'll just say that I stand in awe at how God weaves people and lives and events together.  This precious lady has been walking a difficult path for several years now.  It's a path I happen to know personally very well.

The difference between her journey and mine, however, is that I had people around me who were supportive and encouraging and incredibly gentle with my heart.  She doesn't have that.

So I got the privilege of stepping into that role for a short little while tonight. I got to listen and hug and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a beautiful, lost, grieving young woman.

Thank you, Lord, for that opportunity.  It was soooo blessed.

(photo courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net and can be found here)


  1. Bless you Robynne, this sort of thing happens so often, why do we forget that God has it all under control. If I remembered this more often I wouldn't waste time being cross about hold ups or delays, i am learning but usually I only see it after it's happened but it's so good to know that our lives and what happens in them are in God's hands.

    1. It does happen, Liz. . .and would happen so much more if I would look up from my hurry and to do lists and such a little more often!

      I have GOT to remember to do that!


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