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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 8 in the ER. We Broke the Record.

I don't mind being exceptional.  In some things, that is.  I like being one half of 'Britain's First Internet Couple.'  I like having a miracle baby that was never expected to appear.  I like not being remotely ticklish.

But there are some things I DO NOT like.  Here are some 'exceptional' things about me that aren't so great:
  • I am one of the less than 1% of women who don't respond to epidurals
  • I am one of the less than .5% of people to have had a traumatic brain injury
  • I am one of the less than 1% of people who go BLIND when taking certain medications
  • I am one of the less than 1% of women to have had a spinal headache (Horrific!)
  • And, now, I am mother to the patient who has been in the UC Davis ER the longest number of consecutive days.  8.

Not exactly things I want to be known for.

The Pediatric Nurses have been, almost without exception, lovely.  Considering we really shouldn't be here and they have a whole heck of a lot more important things to do that make us comfortable, they've done a wonderful job.

But this being the 8th day straight in the ER isn't ideal.

So I'm re-doubling my efforts to pray that a bed opens up for my son. . .VERY SOON.  I'd appreciate it if you'd join me.


  1. I have been praying for you every day both for grace and a bed.

    1. Thank you, Seth. . .so very much appreciated!


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