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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 9 in the ER, and I Think I Finally 'Have It'

Home away from home
I wish I was as fast a learner in life's lessons as I can be with academic subjects.  Things would certainly go a whole lot simpler for me.

But I usually get there in the end. . .or, in this case, the middle.  Guess that's better than nothing.

I want to be a person who always trusts that God has things under control and just watch for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus along the way.  I'm not always successful at it.

But this huge, dramatic pause from my regularly scheduled life has certainly been  a great opportunity to consider whether I actually do fully trust whatever God is doing and, if I do, how I should be reacting.

I've decided that I do trust Him.  Implicitly.

So now I need to work out what that fact should look like as I go about walking the path He's set before me, even the one that has us camped out in the ER for the 9th day straight. Thankfully, it's a little easier to see some of what He's up to here so far out of my normal life.

For instance, every day, at least once, I've had the opportunity to speak with someone new that pulls a piece of the puzzle into place. . .mostly to do with Nathan and his diagnoses and various services and treatments, though other things, too.

But sometimes, I've been able to listen to or support or pass along information to others, too.

We're not just talking chit-chatty stuff, either. . .we're talking about real stuff that could make a huge difference, in our lives or the people I'm speaking with.

Knowing my God, that's probably only the tip of the iceberg of the take-away of our current diversion into the bowels of the ER.  So I'm going to re-double my efforts to keep my eyes open for opportunities to receive or give whatever I'm meant to, to not let despair or fear or even plain old weariness rob me of what God has for me and Nathan, and to live expectantly that this road, however odd it may look, is heading right where He intends it to.

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