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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Home Made Poly Tunnel, Part 2

Finally had a chance to get back to my poly tunnel construction project today.  To remind you, we decided to make it just for this season out of found things to keep the cost down and our ingenuity up.

Making the frame and raised bed
We chose one of the few mostly sunny spots on our heavily treed property. . .right in front of our house in a location we're intending to build a patio in at some point.  We're doing a combination of containers and raised bed (see HERE for how we made that out of found materials) and using mostly stuff we had on the property to construct a makeshift poly tunnel.

Today we mostly just constructed the plastic cover (marrying three fairly cheap drop cloths together) and figuring innovative ways to secure the finished product (20x30 feet) to the arched poles.  We settled on strong hair clamp things.

Cover on and getting plants ready
We got our first lot of things into the ground, too. . .eight tomato plants, several kinds of beans, a few zucchini starts, lots of eggplant, cucumbers, peppers and a couple of squash plants.   We have more to go in, but that's a good start for today.

The wind whipped up there for awhile near the end of our planting and I wasn't too sure whether our clamps would hold.  I half expected the whole plastic cover to up and float away.  We have some planters sitting on the ends now to keep it from entirely taking flight, though, so that will hopefully sort the problem.

We don't expect the tunnel to be entirely weather or animal proof, either. . .but it's hopefully enough to keep some warmth in at night (still pretty chilly here) and the wildlife OUT.  We'll see how well it works.  It may be that I'm just setting up an expensive buffet for the local fauna.

Not gorgeous, but should work well
We also have two of those upside down hanging tomato basket things, which look a little strange.  We already have some tomatoes growing, though, so we'll see if the deer will leave them alone.  They're hanging lower than I thought they would, which may be a disaster in the making.

All in all, things are shaping up at the old homestead. I can't wait for our first harvest. . .there is nothing like eating the fruit of your labor and your own land.

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