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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Just 7%. . .and no more Orphans!

Keep an eye on this woman. . .she's awesome!
Yesterday I read a blog post by one of my new favorite authors/bloggers, Brooke Mardell.  It struck me in the most profound of ways.  In this post, she spoke of a statistic I had heard several years ago. . .if only 7% of the world's professing Christians opened their hearts and homes to the world's orphans, well, there would BE no more orphans.

Just 7%.

Doesn't that just blow your mind?  If just 1 out of every 14 Christians adopted a child, there would be  No.  More.  Orphans.   None!

Brooke calls it 'the most solvable crisis on the planet,' but she's also mindful that adopting such children isn't a simple process, nor one without a host of challenges to overcome.

Read her beautiful, thought provoking post HERE.

My group of friends happens to be a bunch of 'adopters.'  Some, like our family, have adopted from the foster care system.  Others have adopted from China, Russia, and Ethiopia, etc.  Some have done both! 

Adoption, even in it's 'simplest' form (not that it's ever simple!) is definitely a journey that must be undertaken with careful and prayerful consideration.  But when you factor in the frequent abuse, neglect and even trauma, AND a cultural component, it certainly has some challenges.

But challenges aren't deal breakers.  And, sometimes, after making it THROUGH a challenge, you find an unspeakable joy on the other side.

So, I encourage you to read Brooke's challenging post. . .

And even more, I encourage you to consider if you could be part of the 7%

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