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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots to Learn from Laura (Ingalls Wilder)

It's funny where the lovely Ms. Wilder pops up.  55 years after her death yet the tiny little pioneer woman still seems to maintain a relevant voice in today's modern culture.  How awesome is that?

This time it was in a blog post for a Healthcare PR firm.  Did you see that coming?  I sure didn't!

The article was geared toward health care professionals and used Laura as a shining example of timeless communication skills.

I agreed with all of the author's points.

Surprisingly, however, as I read through the post, I discovered that the points made were actually pretty applicable to all of us:

  • Use your eyes for others:
As a writer, I love this one.  Just as Laura was encouraged to use her eyes for her blind sister, I want to use my words to bring stories and places and truths into focus.
  • Stretch beyond your boundaries:
Just as Laura was always up for a challenge and an adventure, ready to learn new skills and head into the unknown, I want to keep open to whatever life throws at me. 
  • Re-purpose:  
Obviously, this Practical Pioneer resonates with this one.  The Wilders never threw anything out if possible, and I want to have that same respect for possessions and our environment wherever possible.

  • Respond: 
Laura is said to have responded to every person who took the trouble to write her.  Considering her popularity, that's pretty impressive.  How dedicated are we to ensuring that we respond personally to the people in our lives?  I was challenged by this one.

Modern life is so chock full of ways to instantly communicate via impersonal methods, it's easy to forget what can be gained when you hand write a letter, pick up a phone, or, better yet, look someone in the eye.  I'm working on this.  Fast isn't always best. . .sometimes most personal is.

Pretty interesting, right?  Laura's life and person popping out of the 1800's and right into today and teaching us some important lessons after all.  Awesome!

See the original post here.

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