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Friday, May 23, 2014

Ma's Good Cottage Cheese Balls with Onions In Them

$3.79 for plain, bland store bought?  No thanks!
Today had the smell of summer in it.  A golden brown, warmed-by-the-sun kind of smell.

You know what I mean?

We've had such a weird spring this year.  It came early, backed away for another mini-winter, then came back warm and heady, then left again in lieu of cold and rain and sleet.

But today. . .well today it seem to come back but by early afternoon had left things in the hands of summer.  And it kind of looks like winter's not coming back again this time.  Which is okay by me.

By this date in May, we usually have abandoned our kitchen table for a solid 5 month run of al fresco dining on our back deck.  But the table there is still pushed under the eaves and piled with a bunch of stuff we don't really want to get wet.  Because yesterday it was raining.  Hard.

So to smell that smell. . .of sun-drenched rich brown soil and the green, spicy scent of warmed pines. . .made me eager to put away winter's trappings and dive headfirst into summer.

Which is why Ma's Cottage Cheese Balls with Onions in them came to mind.  From the first time I read this passage in Little Town on the Prairie, I was hooked:
“It is so hot,” Ma said. “I believe I will have cottage cheese balls with onions in them, and the cold creamed peas. Suppose you bring some lettuce and tomatoes from the garden, Laura.”
As far as I was concerned from that first reading, THIS was the standard for delicious summer fare.  It always marks my first meal of 'real' summer, it's the last meal I have to close down the season, and, for that matter, it what I eat dozens of times throughout the hotter months.  ('Cept the creamed peas.  I leave out the cream.)

I could make those delicious cottage cheese balls with store bought cottage cheese.  I do that in a pinch sometimes as summer rushes by.  But the first making of this recipe demands the very finest ingredients, and that means the bland store version just won't do.  It won't do at all!

So tomorrow I'm going to make home made cottage cheese.

While tonight I just dream about it.

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