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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stayin' in a Ronald McDonald House

Pretty Entrance
Now here's something new. . .I never anticipated staying in a Ronald McDonald House!

On Saturday, when we realized our 13 year old needed some help, we thought we'd arrive at the hospital, he'd end up where he needed to be and we'd be on our way.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly what happened.

The first two nights we had to stay with him in the ER.  Not an ideal place to get a bit of sleep.

Today, however, they decided that they were going to semi-admit him while we wait for a bed in the facility we're needing.  Because of that decision, I was suddenly free to sleep elsewhere.  Not that a cot next to his bed in a noisy ER room isn't restful, of course.

But while I was trying to figure out where I could possibly lay my head, this darling little grandma figure appeared and announced that I had a room at the Ronald McDonald House waiting for me.

I have to say, it's a beautiful facility, and I'm so very grateful for a quiet place to sleep tonight and process all that's happening.

Lovely dining area
It has everything from stocked kitchens to beautiful grounds to all the DVDs you could possibly want
to watch.  They have cookie grandmas who stock the many cookie jars dotted around the various houses on the campus and a stash of everything you might have forgotten to pack.  If you have kids with you, there's a ton of toys and outside play equipment and such.

It's an incredibly well-thought out facility.  And I'm blessed to be able to stay.

I think the single thing wrong with this lovely place is the reason I'm here.

I'm still struggling to process that.

And a quiet place to sleep


  1. I'm so sorry this is happening. After spending a LOT of time (sometimes with a preschooler in tow), I'm aware of how completely NOT restful ER is. I'm glad you had a place to rest and regroup. I hope your dear son can find some rest, too. It is always ironic to me how little sleep and peace people get in the hospital. Oh well.
    I'm praying.

    1. It is a little shocking how little attention is paid to the rest of the patients. I have to say that when he had his surgery at a Sutter hospital, they did an awesome job of providing a pretty quiet recovery environment. I know we're in an ER now, but there are SEVERAL 'overnight' patients here. . .you'd think they could stick them all in one section of the ER and keep things down. I know you can't do anything about emergencies or people in pain, but the 3 o'clock (AM!) cackles of laughter from the nursing staff is a little much. It may be their 'day' but it's night for the rest of us. . .blech.


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