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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tears Under a Microscope

I'm spending a little more time on Facebook than I usually do. . .I'm so tired from stress and lack of sleep that I'm struggling to do anything truly productive.  So I'm mostly opting for 'light' entertainment as we pass the sluggish hours here.

One article that someone posted, though, got my attention.  It was a look at tears through a microscope.  Given I consider myself something of a connoisseur of tears (being I cry when I'm happy, angry, worried, thrilled, surprised, and, like lately, desperately sad) I thought I'd take a little look-see.

It was kind of fascinating.

According to the research of Rose-Lynn Fisher, tears wrought in different circumstances appear vastly different to each other under a microscope.  Apparently, tears contain different enzymes, oils and antibodies suspended in salty water.  But depending on the KIND of tears you cry, there's something else, too.

I've been staring at the various slides of tears for the best part of a half hour now.  Not just because it's fascinating, though it is that. . .but because they're just so varied and beautiful.

The 'tears caused by an onion' photo is just gorgeous.  The 'tears of grief' one shows something so barren and desolate.  The 'tears of remembrance' picture is remarkably interesting with it's brain-like appearance in some parts and bits of compartment looking areas in others.

It makes me wonder what my tears look like. . .with their heady mix of grief and hope.

See the article here.

(photo courtesy of photobucket.com)

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