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Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Trial of Juanita

The young starlet and her biggest fan (brother!)
My eldest daughter attends a high school that's somewhat known in our county for it's performing arts program.  I was pleased to find this out given our family's inherent love of music and theater!

After all, we now live in a fairly remote mountain area and the high school isn't particularly large.  Football is what I expected to be of utmost importance and I wasn't wrong about that.  But to find out about the quality of the music and theater departments as well was a wonderful, unexpected surprise.

Tonight I got to witness first hand that quality in all its full-scale glory!

"The Trial of Juanita" is a completely original work written jointly by the head of the drama department and the head of the music department.  Though loosely based on true facts, it's a fictionalized account of an Hispanic girl's monstrously unfair conviction and subsequent death for an act she committed in self-defense.

Though a musical, with all of the bells and whistles of a story set in the mid-1800's, it also had a wonderful takeaway about the vileness of bigotry.  From rousing bar songs to achingly beautiful ballads of woe, the whole production pointed to mindset of most Caucasians in the early days of California's statehood.

It was a troubling picture.

But it was handled beautifully. . .and I was immensely proud.  Not just as a mama whose daughter absolutely rocked her first major theatrical production (though she did that, in spades!!), but also as a musician and a resident of this area and, well, as a Californian.

We still have a way to go before people are judged on their character and conduct more than their gender or race, but we certainly have come along way since those rip-roaring Gold Rush days!

Well done, Colfax High School.  Well.  Freaking  Done!

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