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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Easy Home Made Liquid Laundry Detergent. . .and CHEAP!!


I am ever looking at ways to make laundry time easier or at least more interesting.  And I'm also always looking for ways to teach our children about the various tasks necessary in keeping a home while also helping them to understand how easy it is to be frugal.

With four kids, dogs, cats, a husband who loves to chop wood and clear land and a beautiful bit of mountain acreage, I can honestly say that dirt is a constant in our home.  That makes for a LOT of teaching opportunities!!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Pioneer Stew - Recipe and What the Heck is it?

One of the staples of the pioneer diet was stew.  The dish had numerous benefits. . .it could be made from almost anything, it could be made entirely in one pot, it made scarce meats and veggies "stretch" as far as possible, it could be made ahead and reheated as needed on the trail, it helped lean, tough wild game become more tender in the long cooking process, and it provided a liquid that could replace butter on bread . .just sop up that yummy gravy with a dried out biscuit or slice of bread, and you were good to go.  

So no wonder you see movies or read books about pioneers that are chock full of stew references.  And there was nothing fancy here. . .While I may use bay leaves and a rich, dark roux for my contemporary version, or add a dash of Worcester, some garlic or a sprinkling of herbs to wake up and deepen the flavor, those on the frontier had a much simpler version.
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