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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home Made Air Conditioner: DIY FAIL!

The realtor who showed us our mountain home lied. Big time.

I had come over from the UK to look at a bazillion homes in a short period of time so I attribute my gullibility to jet lag and general lack of sleep.

But she said, and I quote, "Up here at 4000 feet, nestled in all these dense trees, you don't need an air conditioner." Um, right.

Big, fat LIE!

While I admit that living in a California mountain forest isn't anywhere near as hot as living in the Sacramento Valley (can you say 110+ degrees???), and we have far less concrete to radiate heat back to us through the night, so we do cool off beautifully. But we have hit the 90's here in the middle of the day and, frankly, that qualifies as needing an artificial coolant of some kind.

Monday, September 01, 2014

No More Orphans

Children In Yard
Somewhere along the way, I heard the statistic that if just 7% of the world's Christians adopted, there would be no more orphans.

Did you get that?  No. More. Orphans.

And that's just 7% of Christians.

But if eradicating this huge problem is so dang achievable, why haven't we done it?  Why aren't we working toward tangible solutions?  Why aren't we equipping and supporting and encouraging those 7%?  I feel pressed and challenged to try to answer these questions.

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