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Monday, September 01, 2014

No More Orphans

Children In Yard
Somewhere along the way, I heard the statistic that if just 7% of the world's Christians adopted, there would be no more orphans.

Did you get that?  No. More. Orphans.

And that's just 7% of Christians.

But if eradicating this huge problem is so dang achievable, why haven't we done it?  Why aren't we working toward tangible solutions?  Why aren't we equipping and supporting and encouraging those 7%?  I feel pressed and challenged to try to answer these questions.

Three of our kids are adopted. Sadly, we had precious little support from family, who weren't too keen on the idea, and from friends, who loved us, but didn't know HOW to support us.  Especially when situations or questions or grief came up that they had no personal reference for.

We did meet and get support from other adoptive families, which was wonderful.  But sometimes it was the blind leading the blind. . ."Oh, you're dealing with that?  Yeah, us, too.  Any suggestions? No? Yeah, we don't have any either."

All communities, whether faith based or not, can close round an adoptive family and provide the kind of encouragement and support often needed when raising an adopted child.  And it wouldn't take much!  93% supporting 7% is a pretty favorable ratio for the 93!

But how?  How do we teach and equip communities?  How do we connect adoptive families with circles of support that are effective, strong, and constant?  How do we bring these precious babies home to be loved and nurtured within both a close family unit as well as the greater community they live in?

I don't fully know yet, but I'm thinking hard.

I do know it starts with adoptive families articulating their needs.  From that knowledge, we can formulate a plan to equip their communities, mobilize the various resources currently available, and put more in place.

And when that's done, maybe we can finally bring those precious 7% home.

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  1. Adoption is an integral part of my family tree so I've never thought about "challenges." Some of us are biologically related. Some of us are adopted. (This has gone on for generations in my family). All of us are family. Two of my friends recently adopted and I feel as if their family is now complete. I can't imagine people being negative or unsupportive. The world needs more people like you and Ian. Blessings.

  2. Thanks, Heather! We certainly are blessed by both our bio and adopted children! But I won't lie, it's a unique road with unique challenges. And those challenges vary when you factor in the million ways you can adopt (infant, older, sibling set, internationally, cross-racially, from orphanages, special needs, drug exposed, etc., etc.). But I firmly believe that all can be overcome with good support and good information! :)


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