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Saturday, November 08, 2014

And the Polytunnel Verdict is In! SUCCESS!!

Well, the data is in. . .our make shift polytunnel was a rousing success!

Made for next to nothing from eight lengths of two and four foot rebar, some found pieces of pvc pipe, sapling logs felled on our land and four dollars worth of plastic drop cloths, this was incredibly inexpensive and more effective than we could have imagined.

If you remember, our main goal was to keep the critters out of a temporary raised bed garden we made while working on clearing, leveling, enriching and fencing the permanent plot we will eventually have for our veggie garden.  (Still not done yet. . .the huge stumps of newly felled trees will take some doing!)

A side benefit, of course, was that our polytunnel extended the growing season of our little mountain paradise by almost a month on either side.  That meant a WHOLE lot more production!!

We honestly weren't sure that local deer, raccoons, skunks and the like would be remotely deterred by our flimsy little structure.  Our attempt was more a "Please, Mr. Woodland Creature" than a "STAY OUT!"  But it worked nonetheless.

Looks like we'll use the same method next year, too, though hopefully our permanent garden will be done by the year after that.  And we'll make some tweeks. . .like securing the two plastic drop cloths together better (when the wind came up, my period bits of tape were no match), building a more solid way to enter (rather than crawling under the draped plastic), and spacing the veggies better (we had no idea how well they'd grow, so some poor plants were crowded out!).  We'll also add some more standing containers for tomatoes and growbags for potatoes and other things.

We're super excited, too.  Now that we know what our few bucks investment can yield, we're giddy.  And SO ready for homegrown deliciousness!

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