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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mandated Reporting. . .And a Broken Heart

Silhouettes Of ChildWhen we lived in England, we discovered a strange thing.  If you home-schooled your children, you were regarded VERY suspiciously.  I'm not talking the mild "your kids won't get enough socialization if home-schooled" rubbish you can sometimes encounter in the States.  I mean hard core "are you trying to hide abuse" kind of stuff.

If you add in Christianity (only 7% of those in the UK identify themselves as practicing Christians and less than 1% regularly attend services), you're further solidified as a depraved looney.

If you're vegetarian on top of it all, well, HECK!!  Look out!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Empowered to Connect--Raising Kids from Hard Places

When you adopt a child from the foster care system, or parent any child with early trauma (which can happen inadvertently even in the most amazing of households through premature birth, loss of a parent, major illness, etc.), you often have a slightly different road to travel.  Early trauma of any kind can block, inhibit, or impair your child to form typical brain connections, which he later needs to control impulses, negotiate needs, and generally thrive.

Having adopted three of our precious kids from the foster care system, I can say that this neurological premise has definitely held true for us.  Even amongst the three, who had major issues at different points in the development/early lives, we have seen a range of deficits in different areas at different times.

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